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How To Choose The Right Lashes To Suit Your Eye Shape?

How To Choose The Right Lashes To Suit Your Eye Shape?

We all know the magic of a pair of 3D Mink Lashes; they can open up your eyes and make them look bigger and sexier immediately. But there’s one thing most of us have had the frustration of discovering, and that’s that not all lashes are going to suit you. While lashes might make you feel better, they don’t necessarily make your eyes look better if the fit and style are wrong. In fact, that’s what got us into making 3D Mink Lashes; there just weren’t enough choices, and we wanted everyone to be able to find the perfect pair to frame their eyes perfectly. So, because it’s super confusing to find the best style, here’s our guide to finding the right pair of falsies to flatter your eye shape, whether that’s round, hooded, deep-set, almond or monolid.

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If you have round eyes, you often have large eyes and are able to see white around your iris.
Tiiet lashes with more drama towards the outer corner will create a seductive cat-eye shape while curled options will add even more drama.

Lashes for a Natural Look:

Lashes for a Dramatic Look:

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For almond-shaped eyes like RiRi, you won’t be able to see any white above or below your iris (unlike round eyes).You can get away with almost any lash you like, and you can show off the sexy shape of your eyes with voluminous lashes that are evenly distributed all the way along the band.

Lashes for a Natural Look:

Lashes for a Dramatic Look:

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If your eyes sit slightly further back under your brow bone, you’re lucky because you can add all the drama with your lashes.

A long, curled pair of lashes will open up your eyes and enhance their size. Be sure to gently curl them to help open up the eye.

Lashes for a Natural Look:

Lashes for a Dramatic Look:

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Monolid means no crease on your eyelid can be seen – most common among Asian ethnicities.

Opt for fluttery lashes with crisscross layers that open up the eye or shorter, less dramatic lashes. Our top tip is to always curl the lashes once they’re applied, to give more height to the eyes.

Lashes for a Natural Look:

Lashes for a Dramatic Look:

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Finally, once you’ve found the right lashes to suit your eye shape, you need to make sure that you trim them to fit your eye properly. The length of the false lash band is always long to accommodate everyone, but most people need to trim off some excess for a comfortable fit.

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