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Your Successful Marriage – 3 Easy Tips To Master The Art Of Compliment Giving

Women love to be complimented and generous compliments can really make a difference for a woman in a marriage. When women in a second marriage were interviewed about why they felt their first marriage failed, the most common bottom line woman custom mink eyelashes cited by women is they said their partner paid little attention to them.

One of the mysteries that men wonder about is why women require so much attention. When it comes to giving quality attention, many men consider this a frustrating activity. It’s common for men to say, “It seems to me I just gave her a bunch of quality attention yesterday. Do I have to do this again today?” The answer is, “Yes you do!” Believe me, it makes a difference to her and she will love you for it. What will serve a man well is learning to master one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to give his woman attention: the simple compliment. A simple compliment will go a long way with her and it’s easy to give.

woman custom mink eyelashes
woman custom mink eyelashes

Tiiet let’s say you are a man who wants to give your wife regular compliments but you don’t know where to start. This is common by the way, so don’t feel guilty if this is you.

Here are three useful tips for simple and effective compliment giving that you can use on-goingly.

1) This tip is obvious and has been stated many times over but I’m going to repeat it anyway. If you miss this one anything that follows will result in disaster. Be honest. She may already be suspicious if you begin to compliment her when you haven’t made a habit of it in the past so the key to getting this right is be genuine and truthful. Inauthenticity smells like a rotten egg to her and she will sense this right away. At the very worst, she will be furious with you and at the very best she will just tune you out, so when complimenting your woman be truthful.

2) Choose something about her face or her body that you love and tell her exactly why you like it. Maybe you are taken with her gorgeous green eyes because of how beautiful they look in the afternoon sunlight. Maybe her woman custom mink eyelashes are long and pretty and they catch your attention when you look at her profile sitting at the breakfast table. Perhaps she is full bodied and curvy and you love how it feels to run your hands over her shapely hips. Tell her what you like about her and why it turns you on. Women truly like it when you notice and compliment them about something that is already a part of who they are.

3) Choose to give a positive comment about something personal she has recently purchased for herself. If she is like the majority of women, she likes to shop. You can be bold and ask her to show you the last piece of clothing or jewelry she bought for herself. She might think you are being strange but do it anyway. She’ll likely play along just to see what you are up to. Ask her to try her recent acquisition on or to hold it up to herself so you can see what it looks like. When she shows it to you find something you sincerely like about it and tell her. You could find yourself saying something like, “That jacket really looks great on you and it brings out the color of your skin.” Maybe the last thing she bought was some new high heels. You could tell her, “I love the way you look in high heels. Your legs look so sexy.

It may take you a couple of minutes to think about how you will craft your compliment but it will be the best couple of minutes you spend when it comes to giving her quality attention that she will respond favorably to.

Compliments will serve you when you fully get how important it is for a woman to know you find her attractive and appealing, even if you are a stranger.

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woman custom mink eyelashes
woman custom mink eyelashes

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