Where Can I Wholesale Custom Eyeliner Glue?

Where Can I Wholesale Custom Eyeliner Glue?

As one of the important eye makeup tools, eyeliner glue pen is an important tool for girls to make professional and stunning eye makeup. Today, Tiiet Lashes will show you more information about eyeliner glue pen, which will provide you a lot of help in buying eyeliner glue pen.


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Lash Glue Eyeliner Pen

First of all, what is an eyeliner glue pen?

As you know, eyeliner glue pen is the latest makeup tool on the market. More and more girls are willing to buy eyeliner glue pen instead of eyelash glue and eyeliner, because eyeliner glue pen can be used as glue or eyeliner.

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

Second, what is the price of the eyeliner glue pen?

As you know, we are an American eyeliner glue pen supplier, and we will provide customers with competitive wholesale prices based on the quantity. You can buy them from Amazon. The retail price is $7.69. If you buy them from us, the price will be much cheaper than Amazon. This is why so many buyers want to choose Tiiet Lashes as a supplier of eyeliner glue pens. Because we provide customers with the cheapest wholesale prices, and we have no MOQ restrictions, they can get the best prices.

Lash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

Lash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

Third, how to use eyeliner glue pen?

You can search for many tutorials. Today we will share a skill that most people don’t know. When using the eyeliner glue pen, you should shake it first, and then you will hear a ball rolling up and down in the pen to make the glue more Evenly. And, if you want to learn more about this tutorial, you can get the video from our YouTube channel.

Lash Glue Ingredients

Lash Glue Ingredients

Fourth, how long can the eyeliner glue pen be used?

Well, it depends on the quantity you buy. Usually they can be used more than 50 times. If you buy a low-quality product, they will not tell you the life of the product, and you may have to throw it away after only a few use. If we use our eyeliner glue pen in a gentle way, it can be used more than 100 times. Therefore, when buying eyeliner glue pens wholesale, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also ask about the service life and volume.

Lash Glue Wholesale

Lash Glue Wholesale

Fifth, how many colors do you have?

There are too many colored eyelash glues on the market, but transparent eyeliner glue pen and black eyeliner glue pen are the two best-selling colors, so if you buy bulk eyeliner glue pens, you can try these two colors.

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

Sixth, how long will it take us to send you the eyeliner glue pen?

We do have stock of eyeliner glue pens, but all eyeliner glue pens are newly manufactured, because we sell new products to customers, we must ensure that the service life is longer than other eyeliner glue pen suppliers. If you place an order in bulk, we will produce it for you immediately so that you can receive the eyeliner glue pen as soon as possible.

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

Lash Glue For Sensitive Skin

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