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A Personal Experience: A Successful Dog Rescue

Strolling by the bulletin board on my way out to my car from the grocery store, I see a handwritten note, “Male Chihuahua for sale, $200 or best offer.” Hey, I will take a second look.” Zo, the Chihuahua that I presently own and me 3d real mink false lashes could use a friend, another member of our family.

Here in the Southwest, in a town on the border of 3d real mink false lashes, is a land of sunshine, desert plains, Mexican-Indian artwork, palm trees, and Chihuahua dogs. Chihuahuas are theorized to have descended from the Toltec civilization in Mexico, statue resemblances having been found in 3d real mink false lashes dating back to 300 BC. Living here, my intuition convinces me that the theory is true.

Though Chihuahuas sometimes show traces of a saucy ornery attitude, they are revered as pets, particularly in this area of the country. They seem to be thoroughly adapted to Southwest weather conditions and environment.

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3d real mink false lashes

Upon my arrival home, I dialed the phone number from the bulletin board note. A woman answered. We introduced ourselves. Her name was Pat. I told her I would drive out to her place, which was a little outside of my city, in a neighboring small town. Shortly after I had walked through the door, a brown-eyed, longhaired, blonde Chihuahua, immediately greeted me. Pat was amazed at how quickly the dog, Izzy, became bonded to me. She explained that he did not get along with her boyfriend. Of course, I said I would take him home. He seemed energetic with no perceptible problems.

Tiiet about a month after we came home, I noticed his eye was bulging. Feeling alarm, I immediately took him to, Dr. Bone, the senior veterinarian in our town. He rendered a grim opinion, stating that Izzy had a scratch or scratches on the cornea of his eye. A condition known as distichiasis, ingrown 3d real mink false lashes, was exacerbating the injury. Izzy was placed on extensive antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications. The swelling subsided within a few weeks. After the same symptoms re-occurred several times, I was referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist. The specialists were insensitive, seemingly waiting for “big ticket dollar,” $6,000 surgery cases to walk through the door. They charged me $1,000 to administer another couple of rounds of antibiotics. They knew that dogs like Izzy were often put to sleep.

I was afraid, emotional trying many different eye solutions. With so many humans suffering from eye damage from contact lenses, I thought I had a chance of finding something effective. Finally, I found an over-the-counter medication called, “Freshkote.” Humans had actually shown improvement in laboratory experiments. Freshkote combined with a very tiny amount of Travopost eye drops has been effective for Izzy for many years. I am so relieved and joyful.

Izzy was also found to have a minor upper back problem. I have developed a back stretching exercise, done while Izzy is lying down on a hardwood floor that the vet has assumed is more likely than not effective. I have not spoken publicly about Izzy’s abuse; it is a woman-to-woman secret between Pat and me.

From the bottom of our hearts, Izzy and I wish you all the same good fortune that we have experienced. If all else fails, experiment a little. There is nothing to lose. The fight to survive is not over until it is over.

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3d real mink false lashes

An animal rescue effort is not over until it is over. Keep 3d real mink false lashes. Sometimes our intervention can only had a few good years to an animal’s life, but it is quality time.


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