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Why Sleeping Is the Most Important Part of Your Baby’s Development

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Sleeping time for the babies is the time when they recharge to undergo development. Even though parents assume that their baby is resting when he is sleeping, but studies have shown that infants have two sleep cycles.

    • Rapid Eye Movement (REM): This is the active sleep time when dreaming takes place and the baby smiles, twitches or there is fluttering of the 3d real mink eyelashes. Even though the body is relaxed, the mind is vigilant due to the activity that is going in the brain. Studies have shown that during the time when the baby dreams, the brain is stimulated, which helps in better growth and development of the baby.
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  • Tiiet-Rapid Eye Movement (3d real mink eyelashes): This is the quiet sleep time. Though it is not known what goes in the baby’s brain during this time but, there is an increased blood supply to the muscles, growth and repair of tissues take place, energy is restored and important hormones, which are essential for growth and development of the baby are secreted as he sleeps.

Why Sleeping is Important for Babies

    • If a baby is well-rested and has got his full un-interrupted sleep hours, it means rest for the mother too. But there are even more important health benefits for a baby who is rested well. Sound sleep is associated with positive mood, behavior, temperament and physical functioning during the day time. It is essential for the development of a baby, especially the development of his Central Nervous System.
    • A new-born baby’s brain has to work hard. So, good quality sleep promotes proper brain development.
    • A baby, while sleeping, is dreaming most of the time. Studies have shown that this stimulates the brain and helps it to develop healthily.
    • Sleep helps in consolidation of a baby’s memories. Babies who have more night-time sleep also have higher cognitive scores.
    • One of the mains causes of obesity, both in adults and children, has been linked to poor sleeping patterns during infancy. Babies who get less amount of sleep are more prone to fat as infants and are at more risk of being overweight by the time they are three years of age.
    • A rested baby will have reduced risks of general health and emotional problems like anxiety and depression.
    • A relaxed and rested child will have a good day as well as a better night too.
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  • A baby’s sleep pattern is developed during the first six months of his life. So developing good and regular sleeping habits will help to set the stage in the years to come.

Sleep plays a crucial role in a baby’s day time activities and 3d real mink eyelashes the baby’s moods and the ability to interact positively with others and also affects the immune system.


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