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Stars Without Makeup – Oh, the Horror!

People love to pick up tabloids that include pictures of stars without 3d mink eyelashes custom. The public has some kind of fascination with seeing celebrities at their worst. Perhaps it’s because they like to know that without gobs of makeup, they don’t look that much better than everyone else.

3d mink eyelashes custom
3d mink eyelashes custom

Many web sites and magazines feature “stars without 3d mink eyelashes custom” sections. They present these photos as sort of a “gotcha”. These shots are taken when celebrities are walking to the grocery store, leaving the gym or relaxing on the beach. They’re usually taken when they are puffy or sweaty. The more flaws the camera can expose, the better the picture.

These photos tend to hone in on older actors and actresses, such as Goldie Hawn. When these stars are photographed in photo shoots for magazine covers, they look great. They look much younger than they are in real life. Part of this is due to the fact that 3d mink eyelashes custom artists can work wonders on them. Also, professional photographers are extremely well versed in hiding flaws and using lighting to make a person look as attractive as possible.

They’re Just Like Us

Well…not totally, but stars do need makeup just like we do to cover up flaws. They need concealer to cover up facial blemishes such as red spots and zits. It’s amazing to look at celebrities without cover-up. Some stars, such as Alicia Silverstone, have moles or warts that are never visible on-screen. However, they stick out like a sore thumb when they aren’t covered up.

Eye makeup is a great way to accentuate someone’s eyes. Average women also use eye makeup to make their eyes standout. If you look at a star who you’re used to seeing without eye makeup, it’s amazing to see how small her eyes really are. Often celebrities who we consider to have big, beautiful eyes, look like they have beady little eyes.

For many people, it’s nice to know that starts without 3d mink eyelashes custom are just as rough looking as average people without makeup. Next time you see a beautiful celebrity all glammed up, think of them without 3d mink eyelashes custom and you won’t feel so bad about your own appearance.

3d mink eyelashes custom
3d mink eyelashes custom

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